More than just a Digital Wholesale Provider

More than 500,000 games, software products and e-books available at any given time. We vouch for this promise with our word.
However, we can do more.

  • Product Information and Marketing Data
    easily accessible through an interface and ready to be imported directly into the e-commerce system

  • Catalogue Management
    continuous expansion of our portfolio with novelty products, special editions, bundles and exclusive goods as well as promotion activities

  • Digital Delivery
    end clients receive their products quick and reliable via our digital distribution platform

  • Easy and Flexible Connectivity
    to your existing commerce platforms

Products on Demand

You can’t make things any easier. Our extensive catalogue of games, software items and e-books is available on call. No need to implement product data, since you can just import them automatically. And it’s getting even better than that: You only place an order with us once your customer buys the product.

No storage risks, no storage costs and no capital commitment. All of this with a product pool exceeding 500,000 items, available at the touch of a button. Welcome to the wonderful world of digital distribution.

More than 500.000 Games, Software Products and E-Books

Digital Logistics

More than just a mere download – digital logistics. Convenience for your customers and safety for the owner of the content. We possess the abilities to reconcile both:

  • Strong performance and high reliability: Our download platform can deliver above 1.000.000 downloads per month and does not show any sign of weakness while handling 20.000 parallel downloads.

  • Speedy, speedier, Softdistribution: with over 50 Mbit/s transmission rate even a 10 GB game takes little to no time to download.

  • Simple and safe: Softdistribution’s download manager, customised to match the retailer’s design, is fitted with encoded delivery and delivery control.

  • We are invisible – for your customers we do not make an appearance.

  • Stay in the know: Sell new releases even before their release date. And your customers will be able to download novelty games before they are released officially.

  • Check out products before buying – our DRM system allows your customers to try out the product before actually buying it. If they like it, they can easily complete the purchase in your shop afterwards.

  • We offer video formats for any possible usage – our video streaming fits all commercially available devices: mobile phone, tablet pc or notebook.

  • 24 months download warranty without any additional costs.

E-Commerce Solutions

You need more than just a product catalogue and a download platform? Look no further – our flexible service can be extended freely with individual solution modules. Our range of service spans from customer support up to complete shop solutions including payment options and connection to the merchandise management system. Be it a small special interest shop or an online department store – It does not make a difference in our specifically tailored solutions for your business. An overview of the modules available:

  • Multilingual 1st and 2nd level customer support.

  • Adaptable connectivity options and integration of products within your customer website or web shop.

  • Payment transactions: Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal, “Sofortüberweisung”, GiroPay, direct debiting, Click and Buy age verification for rated 18+ games.

  • Online marketing, for example Google Ads or price comparison sites.

  • Individual shopping solutions with extensive functionality.